My buddy @Jackymichel here's complaining isn't drunk but he didn't even has finished his beer...

@Jackymichel is being a bad boy. He left me inside to take care of the glorious beers the time he left for a smoke.

He's not taking my instance seriously apparently but my friend is @Jackymichel btw...

Just arrived in Belgium and already drinking some . and my mate I've just turned up to Mastodon. 🍻

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Today I go back to my home country after 2 years. That gonna turn me crazy after all this time I've been abroad. Does my friends still remembered me?

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Motion to declare that NSFW toots shall, in perpetuity, be called "noots".

I'll document myself before doing the migration and announce the time of the maintenance at least one day before. πŸ˜‰

@kiki I would love to see it but unfortunately I'm in Europe now.

For the people on my instance. Brace for impact I'm planning to move from Digital Ocean to my home server. Hope I don't break everything! #42

You could try Arch Labs as well. It's even more authentic.

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Mastodon Makes Its Users Feel Happy. Here’s Why That’s A Bad Thing

Done but with a few mistypes but who care. I put name of great scientists usually.

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Neurodiversity FTW!

It's okay to be different so make yourself at home!