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"Out of nothing, in an instant, everything!"

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@rob JUst saw your other posts, great stuff!

And yeah the boot speed is impressive, and I'm glad my thinking it's cooler isn't a placebo 😁

Welcome to the Void #VoidLinux

Tomorrow I'll install Linux on my home server instead of Ubuntu LTS.

Damn still I've installed Linux my laptop consume less momory, boot faster and isn't even hot! @rtwx

I want to switch from Arch to Void but I know that gonna hurt. @rtwx do you use it with Musl?

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The true failing of RSS is that you can't track people with it

All those electron app seriously!?

eDEX-UI - A science fiction terminal emulator designed for large touchscreens that runs on all major OSs. :

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Always funny to see vim vs emacs conflicts because as everybody knows nano is the superior siege engine

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Inside 'cult-like' Facebook, where employees only pretend to be happy all the time
'...Several former employees likened the culture to a β€œcult.” [....] mployees don’t complain in the workplace.

β€œThere’s a real culture of β€˜Even if you are f---ing miserable, you need to act like you love this place,’” said one ex-employee who left in October. β€œIt is not OK to act like this is not the best place to work.”

[....] β€œYou have invisible charges against you, and that figures mightily into your review,” said an employee who left in October. β€œYour negative feedback can haunt you for all your days at Facebook.”...'

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Setting up my nuc as a Nextcloud server.

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@aral @conservancy @bob @vfrmedia

> #Fuchsia will be technically
> #FreeSoftware but not
> #copyleft [...] controlled by
> #Google, [...] inserting #ads

Sorry, @freedombone, but given who control Google, unblockable Ads are the last of my concerns:

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Neurodiversity FTW!

It's okay to be different so make yourself at home!